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20 June 2013
Fatigue failure of drill mast bolts
Drill mast bolt fatigue failure causes considerable damage

20 May 2013
Drill Rod Catch Frames
While a mobile top drive drilling rig was powered up and in idle mode, a freely suspended drill rod unexpectedly detached from the drifter (striker bar) causing the drill rod to fall and bounce.

20 May 2013
Unexpected ejection of piston from hydraulic accumulator
During the disassembly of a hydraulic brake accumulator from a Komatsu HD785-7 haul truck, the piston assembly was ejected from the cylinder barrel. The event was unexpected and has resulted in a significant near miss.

16 May 2013
Preventing serious hand injuries
Hand injuries are the second most commonly reported lost time injuries in the Queensland mining industry after back injuries.

14 May 2013
Burns from hydrocarbon gas fire in truck air conditioning system
While starting a haul truck, the operator reported hearing a loud bang when the air conditioning system vents blew out, followed by a flash and flame. He received minor burns to his chest and arms.

09 May 2013
Fluid Injections result in surgery
There have been three incidents this year in which workers were injured when they were injected with pressurised hydraulic fluid resulting in surgery to drain the injected fluid and repair damaged tissue

09 May 2013
Jumbo Trailing Cable Incident
A miner was struck by a trailing cable when a development jumbo was being trammed into a cuddy at an underground metalliferous mine.

22 April 2013
Safe Work Awards 2013
Safe Work SA is calling on the innovators and drivers of workplace safety initiatives to tell their stories in the Safe Work Awards.

04 March 2013
Getting plant guarding right
As a followup to our previous edition, a number of quarry managers asked MAQOHSC to look at their plant to provide a critical opinion of machinery hazards, guarding, emergency stops and access for maintenance.

14 February 2013
South Australia has new work health and safety laws
The Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) came into operation in South Australia on 01 January 2013

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