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21 October 2014
Fatal accident from falling into an ore pass
A fatal accident occurred in an underground metalliferous mine when a worker fell into an ore pass

25 September 2014
WHS Presentations
MAQOHSC is pleased to announce the release of revised and NEW educational information presentations. Our WHS Specialists can offer workplace-delivered presentations or alternatively they are available for PDF downloading from the MAQOHSC website.

25 September 2014
Flushing Canister Bursts
A fitter suffered deep lacerations to his upper legs, from groin to knee, when an aluminium flushing canister he was using burst.

10 September 2014
Electrical Safety Recall
Four outlet power board included as part of an Olsent branded Weatherproof Outdoor Power Kit

12 August 2014
High Risk Work: Is Your Licence Valid?
SafeWork SA is reminding workers to convert qualifications issued on or before 31 December 2004 to the national high risk work licence before the 1 September 2014 deadline.

12 June 2014
Mobile plant overturns
Information for employers about risks associated with mobile plant (such as dump trucks) overturning at mines or quarries.

05 February 2014
Employee injured while working in remote location
A coal mine worker's upper left arm became trapped between a metal cable reel and the cable reeler attachment, he sustained a serious crush injury.

22 January 2014
Exposure to dust and gases
Recent incidents of exposure to dust and potentially hazardous gases from open cut mine blasting have resulted in hospital treatment for several mine employees.

22 January 2014
Working under elevated motor vehicles
A worker was fatally injured when hit and crushed by a falling vehicle axle assembly while it was being positioned ready for installation onto the vehicle.

09 January 2014
Driver found under LHD
A load haul dump (LHD) operator was found under the vehicle cabin caught by the driver's side (left) rear wheel.

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