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03 December 2013
Product Safety Recalls Australia
Trade Tools Pty Ltd - Rebel Tools Angle Grinders

16 September 2013
Mine and quarry electrical installation design expectations
Electricity is a potential hazard found in all areas of mining operations, and depending on where this occurs, has potentially catastrophic implications.

22 August 2013
Seatbelt saves Forklift Driver
A driver lost control of a forklift while driving downhill on a long, straight quarry road. The forklift rolled over and came to rest in an adjacent drain. The driver received bruising to his foot.

07 August 2013
Pedestrian and light vehicle interaction with loaders at surface mines and quarries
Since 2004, three pedestrians have been struck and killed by front end loaders in surface operations.

26 June 2013
Load falls from crane hook causing fatal head injury
An articulated mobile crane was lifting a vertical drive sump pump. The pump fell from the crane hook when one of two synthetic-webbing slings used in the lift came off the hook, and the pump struck a worker standing nearby.

20 June 2013
Fatigue failure of drill mast bolts
Drill mast bolt fatigue failure causes considerable damage

20 May 2013
Drill Rod Catch Frames
While a mobile top drive drilling rig was powered up and in idle mode, a freely suspended drill rod unexpectedly detached from the drifter (striker bar) causing the drill rod to fall and bounce.

20 May 2013
Unexpected ejection of piston from hydraulic accumulator
During the disassembly of a hydraulic brake accumulator from a Komatsu HD785-7 haul truck, the piston assembly was ejected from the cylinder barrel. The event was unexpected and has resulted in a significant near miss.

16 May 2013
Preventing serious hand injuries
Hand injuries are the second most commonly reported lost time injuries in the Queensland mining industry after back injuries.

14 May 2013
Burns from hydrocarbon gas fire in truck air conditioning system
While starting a haul truck, the operator reported hearing a loud bang when the air conditioning system vents blew out, followed by a flash and flame. He received minor burns to his chest and arms.

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