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08 January 2016
Look out for symptoms of heat stress in the workplace this summer
With the hottest stretch of summer yet to arrive, employers need to be vigilant of the warning signs of workers affected by heat stress

21 December 2015
Wishing You Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe Holiday
Wishing You Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe Holiday

15 December 2015
High pressure hydraulic fluid incident
High pressure hydraulic fluid incident that resulted in workers being hospitalized in NSW

02 December 2015
WA suspected Heat Stress related fatality
WA regulator has issued an alert regarding a fatality of a 28 year old worker from suspected heat stress. With the upcoming hot weather in South Australia this weekend it is a timely reminder for our stakeholders to prevent and manage heat stress.

26 November 2015
Komatsu 730E dump truck crushes light vehicle
A 180 tonne Komatsu 730E dump truck rolled onto a light vehicle. A person sitting in the passenger seat exited the light vehicle via the passenger door window as the truck rolled forward.

25 November 2015
Dump truck rollover - fatal accident
An operator driving a dump truck was hauling waste rock from an open pit to the waste dump. For reasons unknown, the operator failed to negotiate a slight left-hand on....

25 November 2015
Stair module failures on scaffolding
A number of incidents have occurred in Queensland where modular scaffolding stair units have dropped or stair treads have failed.

18 November 2015
Fire destroys water truck
A fire destroyed a Caterpillar 777F water truck at an open cut coal mine on 15 October 2015. The machine operator managed to get clear of the machine without injury. Investigations into the cause of the incident are continuing.

09 October 2015
Port Pirie Safety Seminar 21 October, 2015
Port Pirie Regional Work Health and Safety seminar

18 August 2015
High Risk Work Licence
Update contact details online if you hold a High Risk Work Licence

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