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MAQOHSC Newsletter Issue 2, 2016
In this issue: Fully funded health surveillance – dust monitoring program beginning soon for SA Mines and Quarries
PDF: 1657KB

MAQOHSC Newsletter Issue 1, 2016
In this issue: Dust Monitoring. Passport to Safety - Keeping Young Workers Safe. Complacency to Compliance looks at safety with Explosives. Depressed or totally stressed? How to tell the difference! 60days I can.....Health program - Join now!
PDF: 1322KB

Issue #44: MAQOHSC Newsletter - Winter 2015
In this issue: A new program to help prevent suicide and promote wellbeing for workers is now available to industry.
PDF: 1082KB

Issue #43: MAQOHSC Newsletter - Summer 2013
In this issue: South Australia has new work health and safety laws. Retirement for a long-standing MAQOHSC Committee member.
PDF: 2303KB

Issue #42: MAQOHSC Newsletter - Winter 2012
In this issue: Read about new MAQOHSC Committee appointments, plus several important safety alerts.
PDF: 1286KB

Issue #41: MAQOHSC Newsletter - Summer 2012
In this issue: Read about field services in 2011, snake hazard management, an important safety alert on hydraulic earthmoving equipment and a link to risk management of heat exposure.
PDF: 3513KB

Issue #40: MAQOHSC Newsletter - Winter 2011
In this issue: Half the age, twice the risk. Australian data shows that school-age workers are twice as likely to be injured in the workplace as other workers. Six tips to improve your safety observations.
PDF: 701KB

Issue #39: MAQOHSC Newsletter - Summer 2010
In this issue: Are you SunSmart? Dehydration warning for outdoor work; Profile on our new Executive Officer Robin Scott; Site visits boost safety in confined spaces
PDF: 1948KB

Issue #38: MAQOHSC Newsletter - June/July 2010
In this issue: How safe are our quarries? Read the viewpoint from Safety Valve Consulting. Also a welcome to our new Senior Field Officer as Greg Dodd, Kathy Wilde and Wayne Hooper move on.
PDF: 515KB

Issue #37: MAQOHSC Newsletter - March 2010
In this issue: Read about the value of Field Services to our industry, getting plant guarding right, Safety Alerts involving a water truck rollover and heavy and light vehicle collision, and MAQOHSC current projects.
PDF: 1977KB

Issue #36: MAQOHSC Newsletter - December 2009
In this issue: Read about the important points on machine guarding, the increase in injury and incidents, and working in the heat. Also a welcome to the new MAQOHSC Executive Officer as Mick Gallant moves into retirement.
PDF: 682KB

Issue #35: MAQOHSC Newsletter - September 2009
In this issue: Vigilance required on dust issues, risk assessment in practice, grinding disk rupture and an interesting article on a new on-site health program that is helping to reshape the mining and quarrying workforce.
PDF: 563KB

Issue #34: MAQOHSC Newsletter - June 2009
In this issue: Maintenance can be risky business, where to find health and safety resources online, Safety Alerts, updates and a special feature on noise-induced hearing loss.
PDF: 435KB

Issue #33: MAQOHSC Newsletter - February 2009
In this issue: Safety alerts - Crush fatality on exploration site, operator's hands injured in conveyor, incorrect wheel assembly for plant. Read about summer sun protection plus look for our Work Permit booklet giveaway.
PDF: 615KB

Issue #32: MAQOHSC Newsletter - October 2008
In this issue: Guard against crushing plant hazards, a blast at Penrice, exploratory drilling, the dangers of using hammers on hardened steel, major projects update.
PDF: 605KB

Issue #31: MAQOHSC Newsletter - April/June 2008
In this issue: Spotlight on initiatives funded under the major projects program, news from the inspector, updates on dust monitoring and new research into manual handling risks.
PDF: 463KB

Quarrysafe Newsletter archive

Issue #30: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - January 2004
In this issue: QuarrySAfe Consultant profiles, news from the health surveillance program, dust control and working with peat.
PDF: 152KB

Issue #28: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - January 2003
In this issue: News from the QuarrySAfe seminar on mobile plant, preventing heat stress and new employee checklist.
PDF: 615KB

Issue #27: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - October 2002
In this issue: Reports from regional meetings, safe dumping, news from the Quarry Fit health check program and an overview of publications.
PDF: 145KB

Issue #26: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - March 2002
In this issue: Reports from the Working InFlow culture workshop, dangerous occurrences with light and heavy vehicles and understanding fitness for work.
PDF: 198KB

Issue #25: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - December 2001
In this issue: Reports from the QuarrySAfe Seminar 2001, news from the small grants program, stockpile and dump safety and first aid tips.
PDF: 432KB

Issue #24: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - September 2001
In this issue: Reports from 2001 regional meetings, diary dates, free health check and the Q files, ”It Doesn‘t Take Much...”
PDF: 946KB

Issue #23: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - June 2001
In this issue: Reports from the 2001 regional meetings, on-site health screening, the Q files visit Caroline Quarry and forklift safety.
PDF: 631KB

Issue #22: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - March 2001
In this issue: Introducing the MAQOHSC discussion board, pilot project on health surveillance services, Unimin named the safety employer of the year and the Q files visit Price.
PDF: 1071KB

Issue #21: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - December 2000
In this issue: Reports from the SA resources industry OHS leadership seminar, eye safety training, OHS Innovation Award 2000 and tips on vehicle access and egress.
PDF: 377KB

Issue #20: QuarrySAFE Newsletter - February 2000
In this issue: Introducing the MAQOHSC website, safety award for BHP, news from the SA Resources Industry OHS Innovation Awards and safe use of wheel loaders.
PDF: 729KB

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