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Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia

Over the years, we have sought a close relationship with MAQOHSC, including seeking their assistance in judging our South Australian Environmental, Health and Safety Awards. In addition, we have called on their field officers for presentations and information sessions on a range of health and safety related issues and topics. We continue to be a proud contributor to MAQOHSC meetings via our industry representative and circulate their relevant and useful information resources to our industry members. CCAA in SA considers MAQOHSC to be a useful, informative and helpful resource for the industry.

Todd Hacking
State Director, SA
Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia

Oz Minerals

OZ Minerals sought out MAQOHSC to work with some of our contracting partners at Prominent Hill, helping develop their safety management systems and provide practical guidance on running toolbox talks, auditing, conducting work place inspections and providing general guidance on meeting legislative requirements. MAQOHSC also delivered information sessions for the site on the WHS legislative changes, whilst on site MAQOHSC were more than happy to accommodate our 24 hour operations and run sessions for day and night shift, allowing us to communicate this information widely. The MAQOHSC team have been an invaluable resource for Prominent Hill, they have been very eager to provide assistance and only too happy to help with any request we have had. MAQOHSC is a valuable resource to the SA Mining and Quarrying sectors.

William Short
Safety, Health, Environment & Community Manager
Prominent Hill

Basket Range Sandstone

Dear Field Officers,

We are a small business employing 25 people in our dimension stone quarry. Over the past five years we have valued your help and support for us in your area of expertise, safety.

We have a small dedicated safety & human resources department and without your assistance or the resources developed by you over the years to suit quarrying and the ever changing laws, we would be struggling to comply with all safety requirements.

Your advice and experience is invaluable to us in guiding us through a potential minefield of problems.

We have on numerous occasions recommended your services to our peers within our industry.

Thank you for a professional and friendly service,

Yours Sincerely,

Neil Mullard B.Sc. (Honours)


Rocla Quarry Products for many years has used the services of MAQOHSC, and would highly recommend them to the entire quarry sector. Their team are helpful; they listen, and are prompt. Whether it is advice on a specific issue or an audit of the entire quarry. Programs such as health screenings, including skin cancer, are invaluable. It should also be noted that MAQOHSC are independent and not tied to any government agency. This is a unique free service for SA, and in my experience the envy of the other states.

Steve Linou, State Manager, Rocla Quarry Products


The Iluka South Australian Exploration Team have been been in consultative partnership with the Mining & Quarrying Occupational Health & Safety Committee for the last 5 years, where MAQOHSC have provided expertise and funding over several very important Occupational Health & Safety initiatives that has assisted exploration in its strategic safety planning, which has helped determine what safety issues should receive priority. The safety initiatives included funding for two base line safety audits. The first audit was completed by a external risk manager using the Iluka audit tools. The second audit was undertaken by two MAQOHSC safety professionals - both audits produced a number of recommendations that has helped improve our safety systems and standards and also prompted other exploration Domains within Iluka to undertake similar safety audits.

Health and Wellbeing assessments are another very important safety initiative that MAQOHSC have made available to mining companies in South Australia, the health assessments give staff a "real time " view of their current fitness, health and general wellbeing - our staff find the assessments very beneficial.

We have also participated in the MAQOHSC dust monitoring program this year, the survey were conducted to measure exposure to respirable dust and quartz to drill crews and operators etc - this is another very important area that requires regular monitoring and effective controls.

We developed a Safe Production Leadership Plan for 2012 - which sets out key objectives and targets for the current year, one of our intentions is to continue to implement the good safety systems that we already have in place. The partnership we have with MAQOHSC has helped us meet our safety objectives for 2012 and improve our safety performance.


Paul Jose | Senior Logistics Officer | Eucla Basin
Iluka Resources Limited

Arrium Mining

Arrium Mining (previously OneSteel) has worked in conjunction with MAQOHSC for an extended period of time. Throughout our relationship, the enthusiasm demonstrated by MAQOHSC in seeking to build rapport and foster meaningful, valuable relationships is genuinely appreciated by our organisation.

MAQOHSC has been able to accrue many ambassadors through the programs it has facilitated, and the committee has continued to focus on maintaining and improving the relationship that has been formed. This is something we are keen to assist and facilitate as we believe MAQOHSC’s initiatives provide real value to our most precious resource – our employees.

Sean Kelly - PR Manager
Arrium Mining 

Boral Resources

Boral Resources (SA) has had a very long standing and constructive relationship with the team at MAQOHSC. With their focus on quarry related health and safety issues, their assistance in a broad range of related activities including training, auditing, advice and health monitoring has been valuable and much appreciated in supporting and forwarding the cause of OHS in our quarrying business.

The MAQOHSC team is always prepared to assist and are flexible in their approach. At Boral we are pleased to refer to the team for support.

Kanmantoo Bluestone

I found the overall standard of service to be exceptional, with a superior standard of customer service and a quality resource for OH & S Industry related matters. Every query that I have put forward has been dealt with promptly and followed through with attention to detail, providing an accurate and timely resolution. Helpful, Approachable, Knowledgeable, Reliable, and Attentive to the requirements of my business.

Bernard Clifford
Director – Kanmantoo Aggregates.