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Workplace information, regional seminars and online training for Work Health and Safety

These presentations have been developed to provide information and guidance to the mining and quarrying industry on a range of work health and safety matters.

MAQOHSC Work Health and Safety Specialists are available to attend your site and facilitate these information sessions and provide advice and guidance with any work health and safety matters.

To request workplace support from one of MAQOHSC’s Work Health and Safety Specialists contact us.

Basic Isolations and Lockout

This presentation provides an overview of hazardous energy sources, isolation tools and the isolation process.

Communicate Information

This presentation provides managers and supervisors with the tools required to communicate effectively (orally and written), achieve meeting outcomes, deliver a successful presentation and participate in a negotiation.

Emergency Management

This presentation covers all aspects of emergencies, particularly preparedness, response and rehabilitation.

Hazard Identification and Risk Management

This presentation explains the types of hazards that can be found within the workplace and looks at legislative requirements and how to undertake the process of hazard identification and risk management.

Hazardous Manual Tasks and Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)

This presentation provides an overview of what hazardous manual tasks are, legislative requirements, what musculoskeletal disorders are, how musculoskeletal disorders occur, how you can prevent musculoskeletal disorders and assessing risks for hazardous manual tasks.

Incident Management, Reporting and Investigation

This presentation is designed to give workplaces an understanding on the process required to manage workplace incidents from reporting the initial incident to conducting the investigation.

Job Hazard Analysis Awareness

This presentation details what a Job Hazard Analysis is, when it should be used, the benefits of a Job Hazard Analysis, the roles and responsibilities, the Job Hazard Analysis process, how to fill out a Job Hazard Analysis and requirements of a Job Hazard Analysis.

Personnel Protective Equipment

This presentation covers the meaning and intent of personal protective equipment and who is responsible under the legislation for personal protective equipment in the workplace.

Principal Mining Hazard : Roads and Other Vehicle Operating Areas

This presentation provides an overview of the areas, items, tasks and processes to be considered when risk assessing the Principal Mining Hazard of roads and other vehicle operating areas and includes the MAQOHSC Principal Mining Hazard Risk Assessment Checklist Tool.

Work Health and Safety Awareness for Supervisors

This presentation is designed to provide supervisors with an understanding of Work Health and Safety legislation.

Work Health and Safety Obligations and Due Diligence

This presentation provides an overview of the obligations of an Officer and Person Conducing a Business or Undertaking under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA).

Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA) Chapter 10 Mines

This presentation provides an overview of the key elements of Chapter 10 of the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA).

Work Health and Safety Responsibilities

This presentation covers the Work Health and Safety Legislative Framework and legal requirements and duties for Person Conducting Business or Undertaking, Officers and Workers.

Workplace Induction and Orientation

This presentation covers workplace inductions and site orientations to familiarise and provide workers with an understanding about company requirements, health and safety duties and obligations, and their working environment prior to commencing work within a company.

Occupational Dust – Exposure and Management

This presentation provides an overview for Occupational Dust – Exposure and Management.

Health Surveillance Program 2015-2019 Presentation

This program objective was to assess whether workers in selected South Australian mines and quarries, were exposed to respirable dust and respirable crystalline silica (RCS) dust concentrations that may lead to an adverse risk to health.

Regional Safety Seminars

The MAQOHSC Regional Safety Seminars are a key safety initiative for all mine and quarry stakeholders aimed to continuously improve standards in safety awareness, safety education and workplace safety. They focus on current safety issues of high importance within the industry and are compliant to South Australian Legislation.

The Seminars are free to attend for all in the Mining and Quarrying Industry. The Seminars will benefit the following personnel in the industry.

  • Mine and Quarry Owner / Operators
  • Mine and Quarry Supervisors
  • Exploration and Drilling Companies
  • Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs)
  • Work Health and Safety Personnel
  • All Contractors
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Work Health and Safety Consultants

The Seminars are dedicated educational safety days for all mines and quarries. Our interactive format offers topics from multiple speakers, discussion panels and opportunities to ask questions and network with Safety Professionals in the industry.

Regional Safety Seminars are held in a number of areas across the state.


Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety

MAQOHSC welcomes the opportunity to support mine and quarry supervisors and WHS staff with supported Certificate IV training. Skills gained in formal education of risk assessment methods are widely acknowledged as integral to creating workplace safety and assists to maintain workplace safety standards.

MAQOHSC funding agreements can make training accessible to people who do not hold a qualification, or who want to gain a higher level qualification.  The Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety course has been available and delivered on an online platform over a 12 month period.  However new delivery methods are being investigated.

For further details please contact, Executive Officer, Mining and Quarrying Occupational Health and Safety Committee on Telephone: (08) 8204 9842 or Email:

Please note: This supported training opportunity has limited participant numbers available, eligibility is only for stakeholders or workers within the mining and quarry sectors of South Australia.


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