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Promoting and supporting good workplace mental health

MAQOHSC Funds Free Mental Health Counselling 

Mining and quarry workers are being offered free access to professional online counselling in a bid to curb workplace mental health pressures.

MAQOHSC are funding free online access to psychologists, ensuring workers and their families can seek professional, anonymous advice on specific issues of concern.

The  initiative is provided by Mining Family Matters, an Adelaide-based support service for resource workers and their families established seven years ago by fly-in, fly-out mining wife Alicia Ranford.

It follows research which shows that FIFO workers, their partners and family members are more likely to suffer depression, sleep problems, headaches and anxiety because of extended separation and conflict between work and home commitments.

Mining Family Matters co-founder Alicia Ranford says the research findings, determined by former UniSA PhD student Wes McTernan during a supplementary scholarship partly funded by MAQOHSC, reinforce that mental health is just as important as physical safety for men and women working in South Australia’s mines and quarries.

Under the initiative, South Australian mining and quarry workers and their immediate family members are invited to email a question to Mining Family Matters, with all questions answered in less than a week by an expert relationship or organisational psychologist.

Correspondents will remain anonymous but their questions and answers will be published on the Mining Family Matters website and Facebook to help other workers and families struggling with similar issues.

Email your questions (could be anything from relationship woes and parenting concerns, to worrying about your partner or arguments over money) to

MAQOHSC Supporting and Promoting 

SA Health Initiative

Get Healthy Program Information and Coaching

The Get Healthy Service can help make your workers healthier, more productive and motivated through our free telephone-based advice and personal health coaching.

Visit for more information.

MAQOHSC Funded Mental Health Projects

Rock Solid Suicide Prevention Program

“Rock Solid Suicide Prevention Guide”
The guide aims to build the emotional resilience and prevent suicide among rural and remote, fly in fly out workers in the mining and quarrying industry. 

The guide also provides families with practical strategies to survive and thrive when experiencing the challenges of rural and remote work, working away, long hours on the job or shift work. 

The “Rock Solid” program won the South Australian Regional Award for Health, and was a winner of the coveted Australian Mining Prospect Award for Community Interaction. 

As part of the funded program a suicide prevention and emotional resilience guide was provided free to all South Australian mine workers. 

More self-help books and guides for families in mining are available from Mining Family Matters 

Mental Health First Aid

MAQOHSC is recognised as a Gold Badge Mental Health First Aid Skilled Workplace

MAQOHSC promotes and supports initiatives that direct awareness to the importance of workplace mental health awareness in all South Australian mines and quarries.  

MAQOHSC is committed to supporting projects within SA mines and quarries that improve mental health awareness and help create change toward positive mental health attitudes.

MAQOHSC also recognises the lack of knowledge regarding mental health issues as well as long standing stigmatising attitudes about mental illness.

Negative attitudes to mental health may prevent people from seeking help early, seeking the best sort of help and also providing appropriate support to work colleagues simply because they do not know how.  

To provide support to all South Australian mine and quarry workplaces and workers, MAQOHSC ‘mental health first aid officers’ are available to assist your workplace.  

Good mental health is inclusive to workplace safety and helps to:

  • More fully enjoy and appreciate the people and environment around us.
  • Use our abilities to the fullest.
  • Respond better to stresses and challenges within daily life.
  • Be more creative.

We make the most of opportunities when we are mentally healthy.  

For further assistance on mental health contact us.

Mental Health First Aid Guidelines

Further assistance in providing mental health first aid in the form of downloadable guidelines have been made available courtesy of Mental Health First Aid Australia.

These guides have been developed by a panel of experts to assist in providing first aid to a range of developing mental disorders and mental health crisis situations.

Click on links below:

MHFA Depression Guidelines 2008

MHFA Suicide Guidelines Revised 2014

MHFA Panic Guidelines 2008

MHFA Adult Trauma Guidelines 2008

MHFA Problem Drug Use Guidelines 2009

MHFA Communication with Adolescents Guidelines 2014

MMHFA Eating Disorders Guidelines 2008

MHFA Child Trauma Guidelines 2008

MHFA Problem Alcohol Guidelines Use 2009

MHFA Cannabis Guidelines 2009

Purpose of these guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help members of the public to provide first aid to someone who is experiencing a mental health problem.

The role of the first aider is to assist the person until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.

Quarry Mental Health Resources 

Being released in 2017

Quarry Mental Health Management Guide

A comprehensive management guide to assist managers with promoting the importance of mental health in the workplace and management strategies to identify best practice in assisting workers requiring mental health assistance. 

 Quarry Workers Mental Health Guide 

A quarry specific workers guide to maintaining mental health and emotional resilience, whilst working in an extreme working environment. 

 Mental Health Workplace Policy Template 

A template designed to assist workplaces develop a mental health and wellbeing policy. 

 Quarry Workplace Mental Health Audit 

An audit tool designed to be used by quarries to review and evaluate the psychological health and safety of their workforce.

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