Opal Mining

Initiatives and resources to support Opal Mining in South Australia

New initiatives and resources to support Opal Mining in South Australia

The Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) and the Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012 (SA) are applicable to all mining and quarrying operations, including the opal industry of South Australia.

The major opal fields of South Australia, are scattered across a 1000km area stretching from Stuart Creek to Andamooka, Coober Pedy to Mintabie and across to Lambina.

MAQOHSC provides ongoing support and guidance to all mining and quarrying stakeholders of South Australia on Work Health and Safety legislative requirements and compliance, and this includes the Opal Mining industry of South Australia.

In consultation with the opal mining industry and key South Australian governing bodies, MAQOHSC is developing guidance materials, tools and checklists to provide:

  • An introduction to the Work Health and Safety legislation applicable to all opal mining operators of South Australia;
  • Information on the potential hazards and associated risks associated with working in the opal mining industry; and
  • Practical guidance on ways to eliminate or safely control those risks to prevent injury or harm.

The types of materials that are currently being developed and will be made available to the opal mining industry are:

  • An induction process which provides “An introduction to Work Health and Safety in Opal Mining”;
  • An “Opal Miners Guide to Safety” handbook;
  • An Explosive Induction;
  • A Safety Management Plan template;
  • Claim, Open Pit and Underground Mine, Mobile and Fixed Plant and Equipment checklists; and
  • A “Young Workers Introduction to Health and Safety in Opal Mining” module for school leavers.

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Request to Mine Dangerous Ground

This form has been developed to allow Opal Miners to make a request in writing to SafeWork SA, for approval to undertake mining activities on dangerous ground.

Fossicking for Opal

This handout has been developed to provide the general public with a summary of the key hazards and risks associated with entering the opal fields and safety precautions that should be taken when fossicking for opal.

Safety in Opal Mining Guide

This guide is currently being reviewed/updated.

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