Fully Funded Workplace

Skin Cancer Screening for
South Australian Mine and Quarry Workers

Fully Funded Workplace Skin Cancer Screening for South Australian Mines and Quarry Workers

Mine and quarry workers across the State are being provided free workplace Skin Cancer Screening in a targeted effort to prevent Occupational Related Skin Cancer.

There are many hundreds of registered mines and quarries across the State with thousands of workers employed directly and indirectly in these industries.

For over 30 years the Mining and Quarrying Occupational Health and Safety Committee has supported these industries through core strategies such as providing high quality, State-wide health surveillance programs for our ever-growing industry. These vital and practicable initiatives promote the importance of a safe, responsible, well informed, well-educated and healthy mining and quarrying workforce for our State.

The number of new cases of melanoma has continued to increase, with melanoma now being the fourth most common cancer diagnosed in Australia. Due to the nature of mining and quarrying most workers do 10-12 hour shifts at times 6-7 days per week, which equates to them spending more time at work than they do at home.

The Committee in recognition of this develops all initiatives and programs that are facilitated in the workplace, this engagement and communication gives maximum benefits to both our stakeholders and workers. This also ensures all workers across our State are provided access to health assessments which are more critical for those in rural and remote areas.

Additionally the Committee has incorporated skin cancer training and skin cancer awareness posters than can be downloaded, printed and then placed in the key areas of any workplace. Alternatively contact us and we will post or email posters for your workplace.

To register your workplace please call us today.

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    Workplace Skin Cancer Checks For All Workers
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    When was your last Skin Cancer check?
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    Skin Cancer – know the skin you’re in!
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