Fully Funded Workplace Health Assessments

For South Australian Mines and Quarry Workers

For over 35 years the Mining and Quarrying Occupational Health and Safety Committee has supported workers and industry with professional high quality, State-wide health surveillance programs for our ever-growing industry.

Our vital and practicable initiatives support workers and promote the importance of a safe, responsible, well informed, well-educated and healthy mining and quarrying workforce for our State. The Committee has developed a new comprehensive health assessment and mine and quarry workers across the State are again being provided free workplace health assessments in the Committee’s continued targeted effort to prevent Occupational Dust Related Diseases.

Due to the nature of mining and quarrying most workers complete 10-12 hour working shifts, at times 6-7 days per week, this equates to workers spending more time at work than they do at home. The Committee understands and recognises this, accordingly developing initiatives and programs that are provided and facilitated direct in the workplace. Our industry engagement service method ensures all workers across our State including those in regional and remote areas are provided access to targeted specialist industry health services that otherwise may not be available. Please note service conditions and requirements will apply.

To register your workplace please email us at maqohsc@sa.gov.au or telephone (08) 8204 9842