MAQOHSC promoted and supported young workers safety in the workplace. This is partly achieved through MAQOHSC Diamond Sponsorship of the youth safety education and learning program “Passport to Safety”.

The programs core focus provides key pre-employment safety awareness training to students and young workers of the many safety hazards present within all workplaces. Students and young workers are also provided with a valuable understanding of the legal work health and safety legislative framework requirements and business safety obligations applicable in South Australia. This program is available in all South Australian schools FREE and or to young people entering the workforce for the first time.

MAQOHSC is developing specific Mining and Quarrying training modules that will deliver targeted mine and quarry workplace safety awareness to students or young workers considering future careers in mining or quarrying.

The modules include:

  • An Introduction to Mining and Quarrying
  • An introduction to Work Health and Safety in Opal Mining

The new training modules include visual training with real life workplace footage taken by MAQOHSC from mines and quarries throughout South Australia. The module delivery method will ensure all students and young workers gain first hand overview of complexity of mine and quarry working environments.

MAQOHSC is dedicated to workplace safety, preventing occupational dust related diseases such as silicosis and keeping all South Australian workers safe. This is achieved in part through education and training, increased workplace support and safety initiatives that help reduce workplace injuries, illness and deaths among young workers.

Supporting young workers and helping businesses MAQOHSC is pleased to support South Australia’s Work Health and Safety Youth Strategy 2014-2018, a youth safety initiative by providing the training and education content for the Mining and Quarrying modules that will be available soon. Further information can be accessed via the website