Our Vision

South Australian Mines and Quarries are healthy and safe workplaces

Funding and or Grant Applications

The Committee supports and accepts applications for funding that meet the following criteria:

  • To promote and support practices, procedures and arrangements designed to protect workers from silicosis;
  • To support education in the field of occupational health or safety in the mining and quarrying industries;
  • To initiate or support research and studies into occupational health or safety that could benefit workers in the mining and quarrying industries;
  • To promote and support persons or organisations working to prevent, alleviate or treat the kinds of disabilities suffered by workers in the mining and quarrying industries;
  • To support any other kind of activity that could directly or indirectly improve occupational health or safety in the mining and quarrying industries or assist in the rehabilitation of disabled workers in those industries.

Funding and or Grant applications may be submitted to the Committee at any time. Contact us if you require further information.

The Committee proudly funded the following research and projects.

Health Data Analysis of South Australian Mine and Quarry Workers 2001 – 2013 : Research Report 2016

An analysis of health assessment outcome data of 5642 South Australian mine and quarry workers obtained during a twelve year fully funded Committee program

A Long Way From Home : Investigation of Work Stress and Remoteness in the Mining Industry

Wesley P. McTernan conducted research to explore the stressors of remote mining work.

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The Committee proactively engage with workplaces to provide work health and safety support to South Australian mines and quarries.

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